Primary Production Processes and Means

Engineering Department

The experienced professional personnel of this department are responsible for producing models and prototypes according to customer’s requirements.

Laser Cutting

Six of the most advanced laser cutting machines in Israel.
1XTrumpf 4kw, 2 X Trumpf 5kw and 1 X Trumpf 6kw, capable of cutting various raw materials, are operated at this department and fed by 2,000 x 4,000 mm changing cutting tables.
2 unique X-Large Laser machines, Trumpf 6kw, 2,500  X 8,000 mm cutting tables.

Combo Punching & Laser machine

A TRUMATIC 6000L, integrated punching and laser machine, the most advanced of its kind in the world, installed at this department, punches and perforates a wide range of raw materials.

Water Jet Cutting

Three water jet machines:

1 X Machine with 4000 bar  pump with 2 dynamic heads, cutting table-6000x3000mm
2 X Machine with 6000 bar double pumps with 2 dynamic heads, cutting table-4000x3000mm

Bending Department

Six computerized bending machines are operated at this department:

  • LVD 500 tons / 4.5 linear meters.
  • Trumpf 320 tons / 4.0 linear meters.
  • LVD 135 tons / 3.0 linear meters.
  • Trumpf 85 tons / 2.5 linear meters.
  • Trumpf 50 tons / 1.5 linear meters.
  • LVD 35 tons / 1.25 linear meters.


Three polish stations processes metal surfaces. 1 X Fladder & 2 X Grindingmaster.

Machining Department

4 X CNC Milling machines and 3 X CNC Turning machines, and 6 x conventional processing stations to machine a wide range of metals at various hardness levels.

Welding Department

40 x CO2 (Mig) welding stations
5 x Argon (Tig) welding stations
15 x enhanced work stations at assembly benches
3 x spot welding stations
Robotic welding system
4 Welding coordinators (Inspectors) and 1Welding Eng
All welders are certified according to the requirements of the different organizations, Bombardier, e.g., military and security forces.

Rigid Riveting Department

5 x rigid riveting stations.